‘Jack Willie’s Wouldn’t Be Here’ Without Steinbrenner, Owner

George Steinbrenner gave $100,000 check to a friend’s failing restaurant that is now flourishing, “Jack Willie’s”.
forever, jeff? >> jamison, one of the things that i got a seps of today and a lot of people got a sense of is steinbrenner’s charity work. not also something you heard about. in just a minute we will hear a number of positive things he did for his home city of tamp a. but, as we stand across the street here from george steinbrenner field we can tell you that he was good to his friends. [music] >> reporter: if you ask don elvino, jack’s ticky bar and grill would not be standing here without george steinbrenner and don, the owner, would not be sitting in it. >> everything we are today we owe him. >> reporter: he mayed for the skwr-bg and connors who coached for the yankees opened the bar. >> there is billy right there a picture of it. >> reporter: it was failing back in 2002 when conner’s friend stepped in. giving the local restaurant owner $100,000 to fix and save his friend’s place. >> h



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