Ivey’s Roasted Dinner

Ivey’s is in the Connecticut Style kitchen preparing a delicious meal perfect for entertaining.
a self proclaimed professional foody, mother of two, ivey levy is tout teach basic — is out to teachta basic survival skills in the kitchen.t from “ivey’s in my kitchen”, welcome. >> thank you. >> we appreciate you decoratding our kitchen in pi nk and purple. >> those are my colors. s. >> you’re mildl’y obsessed withy pi nk. >> a tiny bit. it is my favorite color, itt is my company color, it stands for all things good you. >> you offer cooking classes. .you go into people’s homes and give them individualized lessons. >> i do, i teach people to cootk in their home with their equipment so they have no problem duplicating whatic they’ve learned. >> it is not a hard task to learn. i’m concerned, though, because i’m not the greatest. te >> this is easy. anybody can do this. roasting is one of the easiest most efficient twice get a meal done. it has little heat, intense favor, and little w or



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