It’s Time For Oktoberfest At Hofbrauhaus

Hofbrauhaus celebrates Oktoberfest
forecast on las vegas now, back to you. >>> it has been a tradition in germany for 207 years. here in vegas we’re only a few years shy of that. >>> everyone is german this time of year. life. >>> that’s right, guys. okay openerfest, the best okay open e tobberfest. these guys are testing their stein-hoisting skills. what i tickled you? is that bad? >> time going to enjoy all of this. >>> thank you so much for this. and all of this is authenticically german. >>> we have the delicious. >>> you is to have beer and you to have sauerkraut. >>> other dumplings, potato dumplings. >>> i’ve got to tell you, i didn’t think i liked sauerkraut but this is really good. >>> that’s amazing. >> just keep watching. we can just drink it now. >> beer, down — you know, you need hearty food. really nice ink dr.. >> what is that? that is amazing? that’s apple strewedel. strewedle. >>> julyiumney cheesecake m



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