It’s Molly And Tiffany With The Buzz

Listen to what viewers think about junk food in schools.
best pictures to us@pictures at themorningblend.com. a lot of you have been weighing in on junk food question. a lot of parents feel passionately about this. a lot of people say if you had a healthy option next to the bad option, at least there are more choices there. >> let’s read your responses. holly said it should be banned from my pantry. which i think is a great thing. if you’re not going to have it at school, probably shouldn’t have it in the pantry. marney said it’s a parent’s job to teach their kids moderation and what to choose, why should kids be punished for their peers poor eating habits. >> cindy says to have snacks readily available as many schools do, make it easy for them to choose something yummy or something healthy yummy. we can’t pin this on the parents because they’re not there in the moment to teach their children to make a better decision. >> yeah, and angela said



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