Italian Wedding Pasta

Italian Wedding Pasta
morning and we’re making italian weding pasta. before we get started… here’s a list of ingredients! now for a lok at what to this is going to be for weddings. it will be available on our banquet menu. >> fantastic. we are making the mushrooms. the onions are caramelizing. one more step want to take care of before we had to be set with john cash and the rest of the gang. >> we have some salted water right here. we’re going to want to take it and take into boiling water. >> what does that do? >> this will soften the texture of it. make it more palatable. >> we will dip back in the ice. we have a lot of stuff going on here. we will send it over to the gang back on the couch. >> all right. >> another former employer of mine, waterman’s. >> you were you a way to? >> waiter, busboy. >> as a waiter, i got a $150 tip on a $100 tab. >> what did you do for that? >> i do not want to talk about >>



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