Italian Style Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

We’re cooking Italian Style Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Epoch Assisted Living on Blackstone Boulevard.
to go.in >> let’s head to l the kitchen right now, patrick, what have we got today,to bud?bu >> well, i will tell youyo ben. b just kidding, it’sit me, ben. tell me where you’re from. >> cranston, rhode island. >> okay. that’s good. >> excellent. >> and i live in eastn e providence. ov but you’re also from epoch senior living. this dish, issh this somethings that’s served there. >> it’s a local dishh served at sd the senior living and the restaurant as well. el >> tell me som te of the ingredients that we’re going to be making this with. >> we have an alian style pork loin butterflied, b prosciutto, red and yellow roaselted peppers,ep are parmesansa reggiano and fresh herbs. >> what is a prosciutto. >> it’s an italian stuffed pork loin that’s butterflied, andrf tied up. >> i was wondering why we have string in the kitchen. for now, kind n the recipe and ingredients on line at foxproviden



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