Italian Festival

St. Andrew the Apostle 109th Annual Italian Festival.
in store this year is chris and the president of the ladies society, teresa. welcome and thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for having us into you you. >> you are chris’ grant aunt. >> i’m very proud of that. it is all about tradition, custom and family. >> it dates back to 1900. tell us how it got started and what it is all about. >> it started in 1909. can you imagine 109 years of having this celebration and the only time we didn’t hve the festival, but we did have the religious celebration, was during the war because all the boys were overseas fighting. then we reactivated in 1975 when the men celebrated the 75th anniversary, and we’ve been going strong since then. and what is the nicest part now is that we have the next two or three generations coming on board to continue this beautiful custom. >> great. we’ve got your nephew here. chris, what are



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