Italian Cannoli

Italian Cannoli
italian pastry, but one italian couple is giving them a modern twist. we sent jordan red of nonsociety.com into stuffed in lower manhattan’s east side to learn how to make the perfect cannoli. ? >> i’m here at stuffed, new york city’s lower east side, and this is where international taste metes italian tradition. i’m here to learn to make a classic cannoli, and hopefully i’ll get to do a little bit of taste-testing. >> thank you for coming. >> thanks for having us. what is a canoli exactly? i’m not quite sure. >> a cannoli is a traditional southern italian desert. it’s really a pastry. it’s a cheese-based pastry, which making it really awesome, because it’s kind of savory and sweet at the same time. >> and everybody likes chese. >> and everybody loves cheese. >> now i’m here with anthony. he’s the co-owner of stuffed and the man behind the magic. >> we’re going to make our chocolate can



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