Israeli Couscous Salad

Betty and Stephanie prepare Iraeli couscous.
>> you’ve got to love it. our next guests are a mother-daughter cooking duo thath teach others how to navigate around the kitchen iand prepare food. betty ann doneganga and stephanie beats are back with us again, preparing cous cous. i’ve seen that on the menu, what the heck is cous cous? >> it is actually pasta atnd this is israeli cous cous so the doe is formed and shaped into these beads and toasted and it turns if t into sugar and toasted. >> how long do you cook it for? >> it takes about eight minutes. e >> put it in cold stock water and boil for about eight minutes it expands quite a bit. >> i’ll say. >> this is what it loks like when it is done. this has a little bit of dressing on it already but it has to have a little bit of tooth to it and it is very, very good. this comes in whole wheat too. >> whole wheat isl imwhp iortant, i have to watch the carbs. >> that will add even mor



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