Island Seabreeze Brings You Back To Summer

Jeff Tahlmore from Twist on Angell joined The Rhode Show to make an Island Seabreeze.
hear this amazing voice, head to foxprovidence.com. >> if this week’s snowstorm has got you down, we’re here tore pep you back up and joining me from twist on angell is jeff talmore, showing us how to make a drink with tropical flavors that will take you away. what are we doing today. >> a nice sea breeze. the other day i was thi wnking sunday, fun, let’s do it. >> we’re all hoping for a little more of that. >> that’ s it. we’re going to put youg to work, since this is your first time doing a drink here. go ahead and throw the grapefruit in there. freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. you have to pull that down. muscle it. >> whoa. who thought i’d pull it off the table. >> all righty. from there, what we’re going to do is yesterday, i made some cranberry cocktail juice. >> you made it. >> yep, i just took a few cranberries, boiled them down in a preliminary bit of water, finished it off wit



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