Irvine Nature Center Farmer’s Market

New farmer’s market has opened at the Irvine Nature Center.
>>> we want to go onto something that has no controversy at all. the irvine nature signature is offering organically-grown foods, fruits and vegetables. casey state from the lancaster farm fresh cooperative is here to tell us about it. >> we were chatting earlier, i said how long have you been doing this? since you were six? >> i grew up in the heart of agriculture, lancaster county. throughout the years, that’s where i grew up. promoting agriculture, eating good healthy foods all my life. here we are. we started in 2006 with 11 farmers, now we have 75 + farmers. these are from small family farms . >> what does it mean when you talk about organic food and local food? a lot of times people don’t know what that means and they instantly think higher price tag. that’s not the case. >> right, sometimes it is. sometimes there are higher prices and hidden costs you’re not paying for organic pro



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