IronCupcake Competition: Beer Cupcakes!

It’s an intense battle, pitting strength against strength. But the competition is in the kitchen.
done to help earthquake victims in haiti. and for many people this was a day off but for others a day of service. hundreds spent the day making improvements to local schools. this group built beachers at northwest secondary school jim. >> an intense battle hitting strength against strength. this composition it in the kitchen. the iron cupcake competition continues to grow and the cupcakes made with beer. this is the third iron cupcake competition. >> what did you put in your cupcake? >> it’s chocolate and my husband’s a gardner. >> and it is a white trash cupcake. it’s a potato cupcake with the tobasco frosting and sugar coated potato chips. >> i now you’re washing yours down with a beer. >> it’s the only way to go, really. >> this is not the place to show off grandma’s favorite recipe. >> that’s why it’s iron cupcakes. it’s not soaring vanilla. it’s here, we’ve done wasaby, mustard, win



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