Iron Man Inspired Recipes

Guest Chef Colleen Hatton and Easton share a fun drink and main dish.
>>heather: you are going t marvel at today’s kid inspired recipe that even ironman/tony stark would marvel at. >>matt: and amazing main dish. colleen hadand easton. >>heather: looking sharp. he want to do the drink first, >>matt: who did you bring? >> captain america and ironman. >>heather: how do you know ironman would like this drink? >> i don’t know. >>matt: that’s a good answer. this drink will give you lots of energy. >> yeah. >>matt: what are we making? >> ironman drink. >>heather: what goes in first? >> cranberry juice, just a little in the bottom. >>heather: are you telling me how to do it? you are a good teacher. tell me when. >> stop. >>matt: so like half. >>heather: then what are we gatorade.top it off with? >>matt: which one? there are lots of different gatorade’s. >> i don’t know. >>heather: what color is ironman? >> red and yellow. >>heather: so that’s why we are going with



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