Iron Cupcake

If you have EVER looked at a cupcake, considered baking one, or even walked through a book store; you are familiar with Hello, Cupcake! by best-selling authors Karen Tack & Alan Richardson. To celebrate the release of their sequel What’s New, Cupcake? They will be joining us live as our special celebrity judges.
authors of what’s new, cupcake karen pack and enrichedson are here with iron cupcake founder sandra. we are so excited to welcome them to “the morning blend.” this is like the all-stars of cupcakes. once you get a closer look at the cupcakes you will die, okay. these are fabulous. thank you all so much for being here. >> this is so great. i can’t wait to show people what we have here. should we review what the iron cupcake is? >> absolutely. >> we have been doing iron cupcakes in milwaukee and we have karen and allen being our celebrity judges and teach people how to make the cupcakes on the spot. and we have prizes from local restaurants and stuff. it will be amazing. >> she said gazillion. i thought that was my word. >> yes. >> sandy is like the rock star and excited for her to be invited. >> she is the queen. cupcake queen. you brought dem os. i was watching on the web site to make th



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