Irish Cheese & Butter With Monika Thompson

Irish Cheese & Butter with Monika Thompson
wmar.com. >>> it’s 9:48. st. patrick’s day is two weeks away. this is preview green. what about your food and cheeses and your butter? monica thompson from wegmans is here with ideas and great ideas to spice things up a bit come st. patrick’s day. good morning. >> good morning what have you brought in? the question in a second is what have you brought in for us this morning? >> we brought in an asortment of irish cheeses and butters and this is from a company called kerry gold. all natural and a irish. >> here’s the question. what makes this different? what is an irish cow? >> it’s a very lucky cow. they get to eat some of the nicest greenest grasses in the world. and because of that, the cheeses and the milks that make the butters are very yellow. they are very nutrient ch and load beta carotene. >> this — loaded with beta carotene. >> this translates into great butters and cheeses. >>



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