Iorio Restaurant: Arancini With Mozzarella

Chef Chris Thompson of Iorio Restaurant makes arancini with mozzarella — aka fried risotto balls – YUM!
one of our favorite restaurantsaura today lorio, making arentini with mozzarella. >> basically fried risotto balls. >> or you can use left over rice. the biggest thing you want, the creamy starch that makes risottoo so different from everything else, it gets sticky with the gluten mass.ass >> we have a basic risotto and anything you want to add, mushrooms, a little bit of cheese. >> mozzarella. >> thiszz is pacarino. you can adda eggs, there’s eggs in the recipe or people on tv. if you need it to be a little more sticky, a little bit of egg. if you don’t, it is good to go. >> and the cheese, any kind of cheese? >> doesn’t matter. i have a little fresh mozzarella and salt and pepper. these came around with left over risotto from the night before. different parts b of sicily, italy. any sauce, all you’ll do is just take it, make like almost like you’re making a meatball. take a little bit



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