Interview With NY Mets Hall Of Famer Tom Seaver

Seaver Hosts BofA’s Military Family Movie Night; Also Talks Baseball and Winemaking (Bloomberg News)
the greatest player in the york mets history one of the best starting pitchers in the history of baseball. for years after the world series win, we’re joined by — 40 years after the historic mets world series win, we are joined by tom seaver. the reason you’re here in town, you’re making a pitch for bank of america. >> bank of america has asked me to come in. they have a spectacular event, midnight on the intrepid in support of — they have a real involvement in helping those who have been injured dramatically and their families. it is an allocation, a movie opened to the public. i hope everyone comes to visit. it there is no charge. there is free popcorn and festivities. it will take place tomorrow night. i am very excited. it is a real fine commitment by the bank and i’m happy to be helping them in getting the word out. >> i am sure many of the military families involved love being ab



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