INSTY – Zuri’s $2 Tuesday At The State Fair

Zuri explores the food available for $2 Tuesdays at the State Fair.
let’s find out. >> let’s find out. >> dallas tuesday at the indiana state fair. this is what i’ve got. >> $2 tuesday. >> $2 tuesday. >> oh. >> they have me a really good sample of the elephant ear. you can gett for two bucks this tuesday and next tuesday. awesome, thank you. this looks delicious. let’s try it. oh, my god. oh. i have a corn dog from miller food. >> yes, ma’am. >> $2 tuesday, the corn dog or the fries. you have seven booths, right? >> seven booths. >> it’s hot, but it’s good. $2 oreo ice cream. it doesn’t get better than this. thank you. oh, thank you. ginormous corn on the cob. you can get this for two bucks this tuesday and next tuesday absolutely crazy. mmm. deep fried oreo’s. never heard of this. mmm, good. this is for $2, i can get all this. okay. try it. can you believe you are going to get this for $2? so refreshing. after all that eating, deep fried butter, everyth



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