INSTY- Zuri talks about whats going on around the city: Ice Skating, taste of cooking, monumental marathon
well, that’s right. it’s thursday, and how are you. >> i’m good. it’s the weekend. >> tracy: has it been a long week? >> yeah, it has. i’m looking forward to relaxing. there is a lot going on this weekend, but i’ll probably be in bed. >> tracy: it is a post halloween thing? >> halloween was fun for me. i went out with friends. i was a pirate. i wore bandanna and a pirate ring. i thought it was cute. >> tracy: you were. >> i brought a picture. it was a long weekend. fun. >> tracy: was it skimpy pirate? >> that’s what etch says, halloween is just an excuse– >> andi: so wear lingerie out in public. >> no, i had leggings on and a long-sleeved pirate shirt. i was warm. >> andi: if you go with something too skimpy, then you don’t have fun. you were at doneaways. >> that, it was so much fun. they have tailgating this season with the colts. we went out, they named a shout out for me. >> tracy:



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