Insty-You Can Eat Well On $62.00 A Week!

Pete the Planner puts on his chef hat and shows us how we can spend only $62.00 a week at the grocery and eat great food.
it here on “indy style.” >> all right. thanks a lot, tracy. continuing to stay in the kitchen with pete the planner. as we were saying, you’re not all about n but here ate thing, you like to eat well and don’t like to spend a lot of money to do that and that’s what we’re exploring in the kitchen. >> we roasted off a chicken in the oven and it will make two to three meals for us this week. >> perfect. >> i never buy a big priced ingredient at the grocery store unless i know i’ll make two or three things with it. even a lime. this isn’t about cheap, it’s about challenging yourself to think differently. now i’m going to make some black beans wi a couple of different ingredients on another meal we’ll make on a following segment. >> great. >> to spice up black beans mexican wise, put garlic sauteed in olive oil and put cumin in there. >> smells so good. >> you have to have fun and don’t measu



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