INSTY – World’s Largest Shortcake

Brandi and Nicole talk to Andi and Tracy about making the world’s largest strawberry shortcake.
>>> we had one rule. >> what was that? >> live at the state fair all week long. no hitting. what time is it? what time is it? 9:40 on tuesday. >> what? what? >> you broke the rule. just saying. we are not here to haggle. we might in a minute. randy ollis is back at the wish tv 8 weather center. he gnawing on strawberry short cake. you are going to get rid of this, aren’t you? >> yes, we are. >> how much? >> we wait until after the fair. my father, he will take tabs every day to see how many we sold. at the end, we note how well we have done. >> do you still enjoy it? >> of course. >> imagine the red light going on. after a week of the fair, you may want to take a week off. >> most definitely. >> tk about what we are serving up here, strawberry short cake, right? and a bucket of strawberries? >> it looks good. it does. >> we are going to do fresh assembly. we are going to move things out



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