INSTY – Wish Upon A Wedding

Heather Lapham and Dee Haddad from Wish Upon A Wedding talk about their organization which helps terminally ill people make their wedding perfect they also make edible wedding invitations.
be te sign, always beautiful, always by design. andi is off today. that means more for me to do and eat which is fine. imagine if you will, putting together your own wedding. best of circumstances, everything falling into place. it could be a taxing, stressful thing. imagine, something in your life that is taking up all that attention, all your energy. perhaps illness or hardship, that is where wish upon a wedding comes in. we have dee here and wedding ready to kick off. >> absolutely. >> how did it to get to indianapolis is this how is it kicking off? >> launch is this wednesday. there are over 25 chapters nationally that are either fully launched or in the process. >> yes. >> basically, we just had a connection with the national president through our president and they encouraged us to start a chapter. >> and the chapter, i sort of gave a synopsis, if you could elaborate, this is reall



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