INSTY- What, Me Cook?

The importance of family dinner’s
stuff? >> it is. i have an idea i want him to work up for me. i don’t know about you guys but family dinners at my house were a big deal. some of the best conversations came out of those. my sister who is the person who told whoppers, which in my family was a lie. she was like in first grade a helicopter landed and took everybody for a ride. the point is, jenny, we are missing out if we are not having family dinners. we are missing on great conversation and great bonding time. you are the author of this book. tell me about it and what we are missing. >> thanks, andi. i found when i was working outside the home for 30 years that a lot of the girls i worked with didn’t have the family dinners. they didn’t have the time. they got home and didn’t have the energy. it was i can’t cook, i hate to cook, i don’t cook. >> right. >> it really bothered me how much people are missing by not coming to



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