INSTY- West Coast Tacos

West Coast Tacos whips up some tacos
>>> maybe you’ve seen it. but have you keltdealt with it? it is the west coast taco truck. >> yes. >> you are look at it outside. it is outside of the wish studio s right now. inside with me is the man behind this. congratulations on the bus. we’ve been talking about it ourselves like why haven’t we had them on indy style yet. >> facebook and twitter and the media helped us get the word out. >> i moved to la three years ago. i tried the tacos out there. i was blown away. i met up with my partners, and we decided to take this thing out to indy. the mobil concept was non exist ent so let’s get it going. >> had you had mobil experience prior to this? >> i knew the product was solid all the way. i knew the mobil concept just made sense, so why not try it? >> is there a five year business plan? will there be a fleet of taco troubles? >> that is the goal, yeah. >> how did you go from idea to t



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