INSTY-Vintage Indiana

Vintage Indiana at Military Park
>>> maybe you’ve heard or seen the ads or maybe you get that sense that it’s time for the wine. and it is, it’s time for the 11th indiana vintage festival. joining us is jeanette with the indiana wine council. good to see you. >> good to be here i’m always a little more popular when i show up with wine. >> 11th year. this thing has blown up in a sht period of time. >> it really has. when the first one started we had just a handful of wineries that were there pouring wine for a couple thousand visitors. we’re up to 10,000 people who come out on saturday to enjoy 26 wineries this weekend. so 300 wines available and people will have a chance to enjoy all of them. >> there’s a lot more to it than just wine. >> there is. we encourage you to come, but if you’re going to try 300 wines in the eight hours that we are op, we want you to eat some food as well so we have some great food vendors that



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