INSTY – Vicki Weaver

Vicki Weaver is in to talk about her book “Billie Girl” and she makes a cherry pie
>> vickie weaver! >> how are you? >> fine. great. >> great. >> we want to confuse some people. the author is going to make the pie. you’re not. you don’t do cookbooks. >> no, i don’t do cookbooks and don’t really cook. this cooking thing is a pretend thing for me. >> all right! >> here is what we need to tell everybody, vickie actually sent me a copy of her book in an e-mail. she said, hey, if you need me to, i can cook pie. >> we jumped all over that. >> see, vickie, see what happens? >> see what we need to get started? >> okay. first thing we do is put in this and then crisco. actually the story of this pie came about, i made this pie once for a friend when they had a funeral in the family. this is two-thirds cup of crisco. cut that off right there. and anyway, i took them a cherry pie and a few days later, i got a note from the later lady, i got a note, my nephew loved this, if you wo



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