INSTY- Unique Sundays

Chef Regina makes unuque Sundays with Bacon, corn, and fruit
>>> our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design. always baufl, always by design. it looks lovely, today. >> we have quite a spread here today. >> i guess he wasn’t talking about us. oh, gosh. >> you have created something we are going to get to. you created this career for yourself. you had a different path. >> yes, that’s probably true. i was in another field. when i was, should i say, when i was 35 i went to culinary school and just been — then when i moved here in 2000, i open add restaurant. >> you chuck the stapable. >> think it’s basically it, yeah. >> it’s our benefit. >> we are happy to have you here. we are going to make what is truly a great representation of indiana. tell me about what we can expect to see. >> well, i originally teamed up with bryars ice cream. they wanted a sundae that represented indiana. i thought vanilla ice cream. blueberry sauce because of the colts.



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