INSTY – Unique Home Solution

Tracy shows how to keep sugar from clumping on today’s Unique Home Solution.
>>> it’s time for your unique home solution and maybe some quotes later from beat the planner. today talking a little bit about sugar and how you can contain your sugar in its container. chef ben is using brown sugar with the pork mix we’re using. i actually heard a conversation at the supermarket over the course of the weekend, looked it up on the internet. everyone has a method to keep the sugar from clumping. whether it’s apple slices, saltines, bread, put it in the freezer, don’t put it in the freezer, put it in the fridge, don’t put it in the fridge. lot’s of wives tales. what is the key? >> keep the air and moisture out. >> make sure it’s in the right container and that container is properly sealed, right? >> that’s what i do. works fine. >> it doesn’t get any more unique than from chef ben hielf. okay. so yeah, my mother and my grandmother, they put the heel of the bread in with t



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