INSTY – Traders Point Creamery Cheese

Cheese maker Lindsay Klaunig from Traders Point Creamery is in to talk about their cheeses and yogurts.
>> i have seen — >> oh! >> hello! >> oh! >> we know peggy. >> we know. we are going with it. >> all right. gee. how about some breakfast? i want to talk about you a little bit. how about her a little bit? >> about you a little bit first. >> all right. how did you get where you are first? >> i have been here. just started making cheese at traders point creamery. within here a month, around christmas. i was in the hills of vermont making cheese. goat farm. >> that is where people tend to make cheese. >> that is where you find your cheese maker, back in october, got a call from jane. who owns creameery. she said, why not come back to indiana? >> heavily recruited cheese maker. >> around christmas, i packed up my tent. >> your tent? >> my tent and put it in the truck and drove back to indiana and making cheese. >> you were sort of living on the land? with the land? >> living on the land, be



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