INSTY – Tips For Tailgating

Commissioner of Tailgating Joe Chan talks with Andi about how to throw a great tail gate party.
your forgiveness. >> joel, you’re okay. >> just the one? >> part of it, you know, part of the tips, you know, the interesting thing is there i was at a hawkeye game earlier in the year. >> yeah. now i do 40-50 games a year, i started in 1996, when in the n-fl the first year, since then, 650 games. about 800,000 mail miles. it wasn’t until two years ago that i found out that there was actually a football game after tailgate. i didn’t know where people were going. i knew the bathroom. i must say, i saw like 100 indiana zoo cups at hawkeye games. everybody. >> that is where they got it from. tracey forner. keeping in that theme, you have tips for us today, a lot of people watching the game. a lot of people at the stadium, doing their preparty. i do have to say, here is my manager. where i am, always for the home team. >> yesterday, yesterday, i was actually in st. louis and i had my marshal



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