INSTY- The Good Stuff Italian Cafe

Chef John from the The Good Stuff Italian Cafe cooks up a storm!
>> tracy: our kitchen by design, always beautiful, always by design. the open house extravaganza is from october 5th to the 15th. there will be classes, demos, book signings and world class chefs. you’ll want to check that out. >> tracy: we have a chef coming on. andi, during the commercial break, what was being described here, you’re getting a deep tissue massage–oh. >> andi: a lot of good stuff. >> good, good morning, thank you for having me here. >> tracy: what is going on here. >> we’re talking about fettuccine alfredo. it’s an original recipe from 114 years ago. we’re going to talk about that recipe and variations upon it that americans have developed and really countries throughout the world. first to start, let’s talk about the original recipe. it was developed by a mr mr. alfredo in italy at his restaurant. he made this recipe for his wife who was pregnant. she would not eat. so



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