INSTY: The Dish: Restaurant Guide

Beth Clayton, Dining Editor for Indianapolis Monthly talks about the annual Where to Eat issue.
maybe i’ll take her out to dinner. >> that’s right. we’re going to do the dish now. >> that’s right. this is the one everyone looks forward to. but this is the one that become as reference point for people. this one sits on the coffee table year round so when we blank on ideas of where to go, what to do restaurantwise, we at least have a starting point with this. how does this year’s stack up to years past? >> it’s smaller scale than what we have done in the past. >> okay. >> basically this year i got into the database, made a long list of all the restaurants that have been on the best restaurants list in the best 10, 15 years. made a big long list and we sent people out to eat. we gave them a scoresheet that took care of — kept track of service, food quality, ambiance, all kinds of things. gave a score out of a hundred. then we took those scores and kind of helped break down, you know,



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