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Restaurant reviews and Tips for Easter Brunch
>> ? this is my “indy style” “indy style” ?? >> welcome back. we’ve goteth clayton, dining editor from “nls monthly” with the dish. how are you? >> i’m doing all right. thanks for joining us this morning. a lot of different things to cover. a lot going pofnlt. >> thank goodness. keeps things interesting aund here. >> yes, definitely. >> bela vida who we had on the show last friday, beth henry was on. they’re opening up a second location. >> yes. they have a second location in the circle centre mall. kind of a departure from what they’ve had before, they’ve had that restaurant in geist with the soaring windows, sort of an outdoor draw. knew they’re in a mall, no windows, obviously no waterfront view unless you count the fountain in the mall but they’ve done a nice job of bringing that same outdoor feeling in. lovell murals on the wall –, lovely murals on the wall, it’s a totally differen



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