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style. patty spitler is here and the capital grill. but some of the holidays are over. not not. >> some have a few days left. >> in case people aren’t, they should be. >> we’re talking about kwanzaa. good to see you this morning. >> same to you, thanks so much. >> weighs not offensive, we’re hoping to continue to ask and get educated. this is not a holiday that’s been around for several centuries or several generations, right? >> it’s just been around since 1966 and growing ever since. >> give us — what are some of the basics — i take it just about everybody’s heard of kwanzaa but i don’t think we know what it means and means to people who praice it. >> the key things to remember, seven days of kwanzaa, starts the day after christmas, DECEMBER 26th AND EACH DAY there’s a principle that we emphasize,omessage gentleman, the first one is, humidity, and there’s ijima, collective work and r



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