INSTY – The Best Kids Menus

Beth Clayton from Indianapolis Monthly is in to talk about the best places to take your kid to eat in Indianapolis.
is this okay? you both together with me? have we ever done this. >> i don’t think we have. >> so let me move over. >> let me hear. >> how are you doing girl? >> good. best costume you ever — >> my best costume idea is the one for this year? >> oh. >> i’m getting married this year so i’m going as bride-zilliona. so excited about this. i found an old wedding dress. at an old lady’s wedding dress. several horns an monster claws. >> great. everyone will recognize you. >> people will know what that is. >> as far from the real you as possible. >> i really hope people realize it is a joke. nobody actually thinks i am that bad. >> as long as your fiance understands. >> right. he does. >> what is he going to go as? >> complement bridezilla? >> i don’t know if he figured that out yet. >> i don’t think he can. he has figured it out. >> i don’t think you can possibly compete with that. >> he will g



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