INSTY – Tea’s Me

Wayne Ashford talks to Andi and Tracy about Tea’s Me Cafe and samples some of their tea.
>> before the show, i had to drag him away. they were — >> they were hounded. we were having a good conversation about tea. not only is tea, you know, delicious and fun to drink with friends and family, there are a lot of health benefit as absolutely. you absolutely. >> if nothing else, do it for your health. >> tea has a lot of anti-oxidants. pretty much, whatever they have, they have a chance of luring probability of you, you know, cancer, blood pressure, cholesterol, all of the anti-oxidants help you with the risk of those things that ail you. >> you know, they catch you, japan and china, traditionally drink a lot of tea. it is pretty healthy. >> most of those asian countries, they are smokers. unless like us — >> like a freight train. >> trying to become a smoke-free environment. for the most part, their lung cancer rate is lower. common denominator. >> they are coming out, owning



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