INSTY – Tastings

Tastings is a new wine bar in Downtown Indy that’s unlike any other you’ve ever seen.
of something. where can i find that, andi? >> andi: i got a great place where you can find a bottle of wine tastings. this is in downtown indianapolis, and it is unlike any other wine bar you’ve ever seen. if you have a pre-conceived notion of wine bars put that out of your mind. see this video for a chance to stop by. it’s amazing. take a look at this. >> when you enter tastings, these are two things that you have to hav your wine glass, and this is your card. what you do is you’re going to charge it with $20, $50, $100, whatever you want. we’ll insert it. it will read the value. $50 value. then you pick any of the wines from the wine stations that you want. the best part it’s only a 2-ounce pour. if it’s something that you don’t particularly like, you’re not drinking it all night. let’s push the button. this is supposed to be–what does it say? a luscious black raspberry and cherry fru



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