Taste The Difference

Taste the Difference
>>> we are back in the kitchen. >> maybe your favorite place. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> i love being in the kitchen. >> we’re continuing to talk about some international cuisine. we have mag give lewis, and you are kind of helping orchestrate this — what has become a huge event. >> that’s right. >> this may not be like an ethiopian restaurant or peruvianrestaurant. >> exactly. come sample the food, and if you like it, come back to our side of town and continue to shop and eat in the area. >> a lot of pple are afraid to try something that they have never had before. >> right. >> this is a perfect opportunity to do that. >> that’s right. and it’s free, so you can come, sample a little bit of food, and if you like it come back again. >> how has this event grown over the last — it is the fourth year? >> fifth year. >> wow, okay. >> it continues to grow. this year we’re hoping for 30 restaura



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