INSTY – Talking Calories

Dietician, Jenna Walker, and Chef, Laura Kelly, talk about counting calories and eating healthy.
our kitchen designed by kitchens by design. always by design. i ate a gummy bear that i wasn’t supposed to. >> you threw off the count. >> it was 86. it was 85. >> dietician with community hospital north. you counted those out. >> i did. i did. >> now we have to do math. >> well, it is supposed to show that there is 86 gummi bears in a margarita. >> what? >> it is 750 calories for a margarita. and, oh, no. >> comparing how many calories you are drinking. this is talking about liquid calories through the holidays. have you to watch those. >> oh, no. >> bam! quite the illustration, isn’t it? >> it is. >> keep going. >> what else is there? >> 275 calories, a martini. 4 ounce martini. same as 13 pieces of starbursts. it kind of gradually gets better. here, 160 calories for 8 ounces. >> 160 calories, that is better. >> the thing about it is, you have to watch the am you drink. >> sure. >> por



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