INSTY – Tailgating With The Dilgers

Ken and Heidi Dilger show how to make one of their tailgating favorites.
alwaysy design. right. >> always beautiful, always by design. it is awesome today. because we have with us, to you, ken and heidi. thanks for being here. welcome much. >> thank you tore taking part. we know you are familiar with the whole station. >> it is. sunday afternoon instead of the early morning show. >> it would be playing in our kitch and you no, they never do. i can’t cook anyways. >> is that why you brought it? >> that is why i brought my wife. >> you contributed to our indy style tailgating book. which benefits the burn towndation. great cause and res py. i mean, you were down playing. like a ham sandwich. people, you seen people circling around all morning here talking about the particular recipe. what did you submit? >> it is hawaiian ham sandwiches. it is. a simple recipe. ham and cheese sandwich. tore some reason, something about it. everyone loves them. >> it is perfect



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