INSTY-Tailgating Food Safety

Tailgating Food Safety
>> let’s get it started. under way. pros. >> it is a awesome. topic of today, to keep or kill your friends. >> keep or kill? >> yeah. it is all about tailgating. >> okay. >> all right. yeah, i know. where are you going, annessa? >> what rivalry you have. >> it is. it matters. >> okay. >> today, we have four personal fouls. >> okay. wow. throw the flag when there is a foul? you. >> have the whistle. >> don’t blow that again. it was really loud. >> it was. >> we listed some of the personal fouls. first one is putting raw meat in the same cooler with everything else. you know, some of — that is a foul. >> penalty. >> sometimes that happens at grocery store. they put the hamburger in with the fresh veggies and the juice of the hamburger is dripping over everything. don’t let that happen. so either package it separately and separate tup wear container. he is going to do it. blow the whistle.



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