Sun King is off showing off their beers
>>> like we’re trying to top ourselves owl morning long. at this point, i think we should do another hour. >> i think so, too. now that we have sun king here. we have clay robinson here the owner and brewer and staria. i love that name. cool name. >> cool beer, cool name, cool label. i know a ton of people aware of it. i don’t know how much. you are in your infancy as business, right? >> yeah, we just celebrated our one-year anniversary july 1. july 1, 2009 we brewed our first batch of beer. it was a barley wine. it was in honor of a good friend and fellow brewer. we released it july 1 of this year with a dinner cheffed by j.j. it was for our investors and others. >> it’s amazing. when i first moved here, i barely got the truck unloaded and people were saying do you like beer? you need to try sun king. i’m not exaggerating. it speaks volume. >> you are indianapolis based. you are not goi



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