INSTY: Stuffed Salmon

Chef Jim Robers from Loon Lake Lodge prepared this seafood dish.
design. always beautiful, always by design. good morning. >> hey. i’m going to show you how to make a stuffed salmon tuscany style. >> you did a lot of work already. >> run down to marsh. if you live in nobelsville or whatever, tell them you want a filet. you need a 2.5 to three pounder. this is my homemade pesto. you can buy it at a farm market. >> okay. >> take it and run it over the bottom piece. i have 50% ricotta and 50% feta cheese. this is kind of like fish lasagna. >> get your fingers in there. all sticky. >> you have to get it. >> you have to do it lik that. >> you have to have some fresh spinach chopped up nice and fine. lay it in there just like that. is that easy or what? >> the green and pink go together well. >> then you take your — god. would you get her out — anyway. this year is the skin — skin side up. lay it in there. you got that part? you want me to go slower? >>



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