INSTY – Strawberry Festival

Jennifer and Jeneva Pace are in to talk about the Cathedral Women’s 45th annual Strawberry and they make a delicious snack.
by design. look at this. >> we are joined now by jennifer and geneva pace. >> hi, ladies. >> thanks for coming. >> she can’t contain her excitement. >> look at the size of these buckets. strawberry fields forever, but strawberry festival not so much. gets more popular every year isn’t oh, yeah, yeah. >> what goes into pulling this off? >> oh, my gosh. well, it’s actually — it started out with all of the cathedral women but over the years it grew and it’s an all parish participation. the husbands, brothers, cousins, the children coming up all help and we put this together from bake week through the actual festival where we’re serving, and it’s growing to be about 20,000 people. >> oh, my gosh. really? what’s really great about this too is you raise tons of munne y, but where does it all go? >> we end up taking most all the proceeds and they become grants to help all nonprofit organizatio



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