INSTY- Steak And Knives

Chef Ben makes steak and shows us his knives.
works well in the kitchen as well. >> speaking of knife, my goodness. >> holy smokes. >> i wanted to show off new cutlery we have. >> you are a cutlerry guy. >> part of it is because i’m a professional and i need good tools. part of it is because they are just cool and a lot of fun. >> i wanted to get started with the flat iron deal. i want to talk about the flat iron steaks and what they are. flat iron steak is, believe it or not, a new cut of beef. it doesn’t make sense because it’s always been there. it’s a part of the chuck roast, mo inexpensive part of the beef. chuck is difficult to cook in a steak type fashion. i can’t cook it quick because it’s tough. however, there are parts of the chuck, kind of embedded in there that are delicious. chuck eye is one of them. i grew up on that in my house, chuck eyes. the flat iron, they have been able to put over the last few years able to extr



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