INSTY- SPAM Contest Winner

The Indiana State Winner is on making a casserole made with SPAM
>>> you full? >> no. >> no. >> there’s always room for more. chef tom is here with the beautiful tomato salad and on top of that, a blue ribbon win frer the indiana state fair. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> so. >> where do we begin. spam, it’s one of those ingredients where people are divided on it. either you love it or you hate it. would you agree? >> it is true. i actually used to be a bit of a spam hater. >> oh. >> ever since last friday when i tried it, it’s my thing. i love it. >> ever since last — so your love of spam goes back a full week. it’s a week more than a lot of people. let’s talk about this recipe. first of all, you are 14, correct? >> i am 14. >> it’s not common for a 14-year-old young man to be in the kitchen, let alone experimenting in the kitchen. how did this happen? >> i have been cooking for awhile. with my mom, of course. it evolved into competitiv



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