INSTY: Skillet Meals

Christina Ferrolli a Food/Nutrition Specialist, Purdue Extension and Fit City prepares an easy and inexpensive healthy meal.
>>> we want to remind you that our beautiful kitchen is provided by kitchens by design. always beautiful, always by design. joined now by christina, a food and nutrition specialist. you’re affiliated with fit city. >> yes. i’m with fit city and we’re trying to spread the world that eating healthy is not difficult and it’s easy and it’s actually inexpensive. >> okay. i’m going to play the role of the doubting parent and go but christina, food nutrition specialist from fit city and purdue extension, i’m busy. my kids are busy. we don’t have time. it takes a lot of effort. so many things are quick and easy and sometimes people make that choice of quick and easy versus maybe an extra step or two for healthy. >> exactly. but my answer is skillet meals. >> okay. and you’re going to show us one this morning. >> exactly. it’s so easy, you’re going to combine four of the major five food groups in



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