INSTY – Shoups County Ribs

Amy Shoup Mennen Shares a great rib recipe and talks about the the Shoup Country BBQ contest.
>>> we’re doing ribs today. we’re doing a couple different types of ribs, write? >> right. we wanteded to show you the different types of ribs that you can do. >> okay. >> because people are particular about their ribs, right? i mean, there’s a couple different styles — >> a lot of people get real confused about ribs so we just kind of wanted to explain that a little bit. >> good. >> break it down. >> dumb it down for me. >> this will be your most basic ki of rib. this actually comes off the side portion of the hog. it’s called a basic slab of rib. we went ahead and cut it in four different pieces. but this is the whole side of ribs. and if you trim off the meat part, that’s where your bacon comes from. >> okay. there’s a single serving for me. >> all right. >> it’s the traditional spare rib. >> okay. >> one of my favorites is a st. louis style rib which takes your traditional spare rib



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