INSTY: Sharpening Knives With A Coffee Cup

You can use the bottom part of a ceramic coffee cup to help sharpen your knives in a pinch
>>> the knives in my household are plenty sharp. look, i’ve got proof over the weekend. see that? it hurts, it stings. but if you find yourself in need of a sharp knife and all your knives are dull, there is a quick sort of emergency thing you can do and that’s our unique home solution for today. take a ceramic cup. what you meant is that bottom part that does not get glazed during the process. it stays a little sharp, a little coarse and in an emergency, not really an emergency but if you don’t have the proper sharpening tools handy, you can take your knife, at a 45-degree angle go from the butt to the tip until you get a temporary edge on that. that will suffice to get you through the meal until you can get your knives properly sharpened. kind yourself a ceramic mug, from the butt to the tip at a 45-degree angle, there you go. we want your unique home solutions. go to our website, indy



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