INSTY-Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee from the Food Network with Easter Entertaining Ideas
>> and welcome back. we are going to have sandra lee, she will be joining us from the food network to talk a little bit about easter entertaining ideas. we try to make easter a special time of year, we want to remember it. there she is. she magically popped up. how are you doing? >> how are youoing? >> great. you look great in yellow. blondes in yellow, it works. >> thank you. >> can i tell you? i’m matching the cover of my magazine and my bouquet. >> well done, sister. high five. >> thank you very much. >> i’m sorry. >> isn’t it cute? >>t is. >> i know. that is on the cover of my new magazine and we have gotten more online action, people are going crazy for this thing. it’s like easy to make, it’s gorgeous. >> you’re going crazy for it because you did it, let’s be serious. you could make it any color, right? >> you know what? that’s true. mother’s day, you can do easter sunday, mother’s



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